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Kevin Kaska and John Debney during the September 11, 2005 rehearsal of the Passion of the Christ Symphony at Crystal Cathedral in Southern California.

Kevin Kaska looks on as he produces an album
with euphonium player Adam Frey and the
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, spring 2006.

Kevin Kaska's Wizard of Menlo Park conducted by Ronald Feldman performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra, Alvin Epstein, narrator.



Kaska composed and conducted a score to the documentary film Bearing Witness: American Soldiers and the Holocaust. Boston Symphony cellist Ronald Feldman was soloist.



Kevin Kaska producing an album with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, St. John's Wood.



Kevin Kaska conducting the grand opening of the Mary Baker Eddy library in the Hall of Ideas, Boston.


The Grammy-nominated Eroica Trio commissioned Kaska for a Triple Concerto.


Kevin Kaska was the only protégé of world famous composer-arranger Vic Schoen.